Be AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest

An online community for creatives

AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest is an online community and digital resource founded by AMIDST magazine as a platform for Midwest creatives to learn from one another through experience and connect in a vibrant community of artists, creatives, and makers from across the twelve Midwest states.

We bring together Creatives of the Midwest to develop meaningful connections, explore artistic identity, support community over competition, and collaborate across creative disciplines in the Midwest.

Discover fellow creatives in our community by searching through our membership base by industry and region – each profile includes their background, skills, interests, and current projects.


This is a space for deep relationships and collaborations, not sales pitches.

This is a focused group of passionate people, not a social media platform.

This is a place for hobbiest, professionals, explorers, and experimenters, not a place where your credentials define you.

Within AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other Midwest creatives

  • Contribute to AMIDST digital + print magazines

  • Access industry experts from across the Midwest

  • Be part of thought-provoking conversation and collaboration