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Thank you for contributing to AMIDST digital magazine!


As compensation for your work, please enjoy one month free access to both AMIDST digital and AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest, our online community.

You have access to this exclusive, contributors only plan. After your free month access to AMIDST digital and AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest, your plan cost is $15 per month to maintain access to these platforms. You can cancel at any point.

AMIDST Digital Magazine - One Month Free Access

$5 monthly after free month

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AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest Online Community - One Month Free Access

$10 monthly after free month

What is AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest?


An online community facilitated by AMIDST magazine, with a focus on where the Midwest meets art, beauty, culture, design, fashion, film, music, and photography.  AMIDST magazine’s goal in hosting this online community is to bring together Creatives of the Midwest to develop meaningful connections, explore artistic identity, support community over competition, and collaborate across creative disciplines in the Midwest.  

As a founding member of this community,  you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other Midwest creatives

  • Contribute to AMIDST digital + print magazines

  • Access industry experts from across the Midwest

  • Be part of thought-provoking conversation and collaboration

  • Influence the AMIDST Creatives community, give input and help us grow

Join us! Be AMIDST.

  • By Invite Only

    Every month
    One month free access to AMIDST digital
     30 day free trial
  • 1 Month Free Digital

    Access all of AMIDST digital magazine, free for one month
    Valid for one month
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