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METEOR CITY produced by Wrightwood Studios | Madelyn Dorta

Meteor City is an alternate history sci-fi audio drama created and produced by

Wrightwood Studios. Wrightwood Studios is based out of the Quad Cities (The Quad Cities is a region of cities in the U.S. states of Iowa and Illinois: Davenport and Bettendorf in southeastern Iowa, and Rock Island, Moline and East Moline in northwestern Illinois) and comprised of a diverse team of writers, directors, actors, and sound designers.

METEOR CITY SEASON ONE: In 2008, a freak meteor shower hit Detroit, killing hundreds and displacing thousands. Hundreds of people were quarantined for radiation exposure. 10 years later, Bianca Diaz, a vlogger returns to Detroit. Wanting a change of pace, Bianca decided to come back home for the 10 year anniversary, to tell the stories of the dead, the missing and the remaining citizens of Detroit, now called Meteor City. Shortly after returning, Bianca realizes that Meteor City, New Detroit and the people left behind are not what they appear to be. One frustrating question after another leads Bianca to the truth... or more accurately the lies that New Detroit was built on.

***Nominated for 4 Audioverse Awards***

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My name is Madelyn Dorta. I am a multimedia creator, producer, and storyteller. I have a production studio called Wrightwood Studios where I produce with my two brothers, Ernesto Valentine and Angel Dorta. We are three Latinos from the Midwest that are making big splashes in the audio fiction and podcast space. Our show, Meteor City is a fiction podcast but goes beyond that to showcase the modern problems in our world like gentrification, and the continued exploitation of marginalized groups of people. Our show Meteor City has been nominated for Best Production, Best Composition, and Best New Show by the Audio Verse Awards, and the New Jersey Web Fest.

To see more of the behind-the-scenes creative work, follow on Madelyn Dorta and Wrightwood Studios on Instagram (@madelyn.dorta, @wrightwoodstudios).

AMIDST Interviews Madelyn Dorta.


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