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Pageant with a Purpose | Miss Art World

Katherine Cooksey is reimaging pageants. Through Miss Art World, the conceptual artist has uplifted women and inspired social change with the prestigious award. The pageant omits traditional metrics of judgment and puts emphasis on the virtues of power, courage, and strength.

Klaire A. Lockheart holds the Miss Art World sash, representing South Dakota for the award
Katherine Cooksey holds the Miss Art World sash

Most recently, the award was given to Klaire A. Lockheart of South Dakota. Along with a tiara and sash, Lockheart receives the acclaim that accompanies such a prestigious award. The painter and fiberglass artist was, of course, ecstatic.

“I am elated to represent our state as Miss Art World South Dakota,” Lockheart said.

Like Cooksey, Lockheart has a particular interest in the issues of women. This theme is prevalent in her oil portraits and fiberglass work.

Lockheart accepts the Miss Art World award. Photo by Aaron Packard
Lockheart accepts the Miss Art World award. Photo by Aaron Packard

In accepting her award, Lockheart was able to express a similar sentiment. At the ceremony in the Wayne S. Kutson Theatre at the University of South Dakota, the artist sported a dress of her own creation, a golden gown featuring printed dinosaurs engaged in various artistic endeavors. For Lockheart, the creatures are a symbol of women’s longheld resolve.

“Women have been fighting for equal rights since the dawn of time.”

The pattern featured on Lockheart’s dress represents the time women have spent fighting for their rights
The pattern featured on Lockheart’s dress.

“Women are vastly underrepresented in the art world, which is why I strive to create impactful artwork and share it publicly,” Lockheart said.

While the struggle continues, Miss Art World will persist in its fight to uplift women in creative communities.

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