"The Great Lakes combined is the largest body of freshwater in the world. It has a unique lifeway specific to the people who live within its shores. The landscape is varied by the extreme temperatures of the ranging from freezing cold, snow and northern lights in the winter, rain and thunder storms in the spring, strong winds and bold autumn colors in the fall, while the brief summer months are filled with hot splendid sunrises and sunsets.

The Anishinaabeg possess tremendous respect and appreciation for all of nature’s forces and Spirit elements. Using natural objects for personal adornment is part of the indigenous culture and traditions. The designs and materials used in making art; songs and dances, clothing and jewelry, we show respect for the environment and beliefs instilled by our ancestors. Making beautiful jewelry and clothing is one way we honor the gifts given to us by the Creator; it is an expression of creativity of who we are as people.

It is the way we say, “I am Anishinaabe.” –Delina White


Delina White produced and presented Native Visions at FWMN (Fashion Week Minnesota). Making her FWMN debut, producer Delina White showcased designs from her IamAnishinaabe line as well as showcasing designers Osamuskwasis Roan and Darlene Beetso of Beads Sews Creations. This runway show featured designs that celebrate the beautiful way of life through the fashion and art of the indigenous tribes of Minnesota, New Mexico, and Canada.

photos by Joe Dammel, Dammel Photographic Works

FWMN Native Vision Models in the photos (not listed in order)

Miiskogihmiiwan, Amari LaRocque, Snowy White, Byron Ninham, MT Heatwave,

Clay LaRocque, Shaniah Leslie, Michael Leslie, Emily Isaac (Hair Stylist)

Cinematographer for Video, Amanda Hankerson

Music for Video: Thomas X, Thomas Barrett