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Sea Spirits and Strangers | Lily Stella Maris


I'd have to say my favorite thing about the Midwest is the constant spirit of working together, plus the area just has so much history. And we're bunch of corn-fed weirdos. Eccentrics are drawn to this area, which I love, because I am one. - Lily Stella Maris

Growing up in an antique store, Lily Sprengelmeyer of Lily Stella Maris has always had a fondness for anything old. From antique one-of-a-kind pieces, to playing the banjo and learning the art of blacksmithing, things from days long past have a way of attaching to her soul.

A soul of many talents and featured in the first print issue of AMIDST magazine, Lily is a curator of all vintage things, a musician, singer, songwriter that learned how to be all three out of necessity early on in her career, and an aspiring blacksmith at The Old Blacksmith Shop.

Walking past the shop in the Midwest town of Galena, Illinois is what inspired Lily to begin her journey at the over 100 year old location. Hearing the clang of the hammer, she felt the pull to go inside and have been going for six years since. Being involved in blacksmithing is a rare unique and talent in itself, being a female learning the trade, even more so.

Be open. Be curious. Happiness is progress (I stole from Tony Robbins).

- Lily Sprengelmeyer

Releasing her first solo debut album, Sea Spirits and Strangers, and self-described "yard sale of folk music", Lily's talent and experiences have come from jamming with old-time string bands and honing her talents by simply trying.

Lily shared with our editor how expressing feelings and being vulnerable is difficult as an individual but sharing in song and music is a channel to self expression. Her songs come out in a pure form and don't change much from that initial place of honesty.

To sample Lily Stella Maris newest tracks, click here (released October 18, 2021) and watch the "I Do Say" music video (below), released in September 2021.

Behind the scenes of "What Would Dolly Do?" in AMIDST Fall 2021 Print Magazine

Lily Sprengelmeyer is a Midwest musician and creative based in Illinois, follow her on Facebook and Instagram. To see Lily in What Would Dolly Do? in AMIDST Fall 2021 Print Magazine, order here.


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