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Glamour in the Sun with Sun50

In the final week of May and Skin Cancer Awareness month, AMIDST highlights clothing line Sun50 as not only as a summer-specific company but one with purpose and style all year round.


Based in Minnesota, the Sun50 brand is a clothing line with a mission to save lives and our planet through style and with designs that are meant to have more than a day in the sun. Founder Christie Covarrubias grew up on the California beaches and co-founded the company with her husband, which was inspired by losing her cousin to skin cancer at the young age of 32. Identifying an important need for accessible, attractive clothing that sun protects, along with generating awareness around the need for proper suncare, Sun50 was born.

Sun50 is an operation of sewers, old school and quality techniques with 100% of the line made in the US. Their tailored clothing is sustainable, ethically made, fashion forward and 95% made right in the Midwest.

“The question is how do I prevent my odds when it comes to skin cancer and enjoy my time outdoors? Our goal is to highlight skin cancer awareness and provide the tools to comfortably enjoy the sun safely.” - Christie Covarrubias, Sun50 Founder


Along with safety and awareness, quality and fit are of the ultimate importance for each and every piece. Sewn and designed in the US with an expert team of designers, like Danielle Everine of Sun50, whose background includes designing intimates for Target and as well as Project Runway participant, gives insight and experience to most recently producing the Sun50 Spring 2021 Fashion Week MN.

“My goal is to remove the stigma that UPF clothing is scratchy and dowdy. I design our apparel, perfect the fit of each garment and help our team choose sustainable materials for each collection. - Danielle Everine

Understanding every detail from the lightweight, high-quality, superior sun protective material and the tiny, intricate needles used for sewing, which ultimately impact the understanding of the line when it comes to cost of production, to when the garments are in the hands of their loyal customers. As a company, their culture exudes goodness, moral integrity and the will to succeed for others, for a mission larger than themselves.

Creating meaningful relationships with outside organizations is another important part of their mission. Organizations who have different skills and perspectives but share the mission and core values, enriches the team as individuals and helps to accomplish collective goals which better communities and priority one. Learn more about Sun50 partnerships

And last but of course, not leasthave you met Myrtle? “Let's be honest here. The truth is the sun rises and sets on me, but I'm not the least bit concerned with titles. Call me what you will, but I AM the culture.” - Myrtle Covarrubias. Click here to meet the one and only Myrtle of Sun50 and Shop Sun50 with this exclusive discount to AMIDST20 to receive 20% off for our readers.


Images are from the Spring 2021 Fashion Week MN show. This show came after a long needed live event to inspire positivity and relief from the pandemic.

The Sun50 show was held in Excelsior, the closest thing Minnesota has to a CA beach town.

Stayed tuned for more information and Sun50 behind the scenes in the AMIDST print, coming this fall. Pre-order now for the early bird discount.

Words by AMIDST


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