Joyful Movement and Costume Design | by Amanda Joy

Amanda Joy Belly Dancer Model and Costume Designer from the Midwest

Middle eastern dance has some variations that are accompanied by different styles of costumes. My foundation is Egyptian cabaret style. I make the majority of my costumes. A form-fitting top and a hip hugging skirt are two essential elements of the Egyptian style belly dance costume, which is called the “Bedlah”. This costume is meant to accentuate the Egyptian movements.

It has been quite a large learning curve for costume design and structure for me over the years. Discovering what works, what doesn’t, and what costume is appropriate for each performance.

Costumes are a favorite item for those of us who love belly dance. Dancing is my alter ego, the Superman to my Clark Kent.

Joyful art and body movement with Amanda Joy Dance in the midwest
Dubuque iowa costume design and dance performance art by Amanda Joy Dancer
Performance Art by Amanda Joy belly dance model and costume designer from the midwest usa
Amanda Joy celebrates joyful movement in her artful dance and costume design

Costume Design & Model Amanda Joy Dance

Words by Amanda Joy