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As an Artist | by Britni Farber

As an artist, we feel.

As an artist, we create.

As an artist, we perceive and internally digest the world around us, in such unique ways that oftentimes, we get lost in our creations.

We become so emulsified in our environment that the outside world becomes distant.

Our eyes start to focus, and our hands move in fluid motions that can only be described as creativity. In the blink of an eye, hours have passed, and we see the beginning stages of color, stories, ideas, thoughts and structure pouring onto our subjects, and when we finally stop to assess our progress, the outside world starts to refocus.

As an artist, we feel pressure. Normal pressures that come from performance, dynamic pressure from our colleagues and pressure from those who depend on our creativity to thrive in the cycle of output. As an artist, I thrive on emotion, feeling, sight, sound and excel when a rhythm of consistency kicks in and I understand my goals. The light goes on and I am operating in my core person.

My measure of artistic work stems from professional makeup artistry to fine art. In other words, I paint. I paint on people, faces, canvas etc. As a professional makeup artist for film & television, I establish looks, work with network television, talent, casts, and crews. I help with wardrobe and serve as an assistant to those in my chair.

As a painter, I find beauty in abstract art and thrive off the artistic freedom given to me through commission work and those who obtain collections.

In either creative space, the final product depends on my ability to communicate and deliver consistent results, time and time again.

As an artist, I am thankful for creative spaces. I am thankful for likeminded individuals who understand the ebb and flow of creativity. I am equally thankful for the trust handed to someone like myself from individuals who love creativity and want our services.

I am always thankful for the unique personality types established to bring balance and structure to our work environments. As artists, we need to feel safe, valued and supported. As an artist, we need spaces to diversify our experiences and find fellowship with other creative hearts.

Words and Art by Britni Farber

First four Photos by Britni Farber

Final two Photos by Nat Finley Photography


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