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Project Beauty by Mandy Pasker | Part One

These images are part of series of black and white, unretouched photographs from Project Beauty -a project by Photographer Mandy Pasker that celebrates unique and unaltered beauty of young women (primarily teens/young adults) and empowers girls to love themselves just as they are. AMIDST will be sharing selections from this series over the next few weeks.

This project has a special place in my heart. I am 35 years old, and although I am older than the age groups I typically photograph, I have been where they've been. Each person I meet and photograph has a different story, background and belief system. I truly am honored to capture them digitally, in their natural state - makeup free and confident in themselves as they are. I freeze time, and show them just how truly amazing they are as a human being with a soul and feelings.

I have photographed two Project Beauty shoots to date, the third was postponed due to Covid in 2020. In the latest shoot, I worked with fifteen young women. Young adults, especially young women, in their teens, are very impressionable. If I can help show even one person their true beauty through capturing it, my work on this earth has meant something more.

Peyton modeling for project beauty raw untouched no makeup women portraiture
Natural beauty youth black and white photography female portraits
Empowering women with no makeup modeling for project beauty in the midwest
Boosting self esteem in teens with stunning unfiltered black and white no makeup photography for Project Beauty portraits
Young woman empowerment by Mandy Pasker Photography and Project Beauty
Shedding light on natural beauty and empowering young women with no makeup photography with project beauty
Katie modeling for Mandy Pasker without makeup for raw natural beauty black and white female empowerment photography
True beauty exposed by Mandy Pasker in Project Beauty for black and white photography and female empowerment

I leave each of these shoots with such a feeling of gratitude and awe. My hope is that each young woman leaves feeling the same.

-Mandy Pasker, Project Beauty photographer

Photos and Words by Mandy Pasker Modeling by Peyton, Camryn, Madison, Katie


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