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Wake by Tara Glenny | A Scrutiny of Ability and Intent

Wake oil on canvas by Tara Glenny illinois fine arts artist self portrait AMIDST midwest magazine identity exploration

The self portrait from life was an incredibly challenging project for me. One that has allowed me time to scrutinize my ability and intent as an artist. For me, it was not only an exploration of paint and composition, but a celebration of life.

I was inspired most by the literal act of looking in a mirror, and how such a simple, routine thing can bring back memories of the past at the same time it brings forth questions of the future.

Fine Artist Tara Glenny working on Wake, a self portrait on canvas in oils

It can be quite a strange feeling, knowing that the body you are in now is the same one you were in as a child, and will be the same one you’re in years from now. This is something I thought a lot about as I worked.

Tara Glenny fine art oil painter midwest self portrait artist and her work Wake oil paint on canvas

Creating this piece has given me a chance to feel very vulnerable, and while this painting may not be an accurate representation of what I look like to others, it’s an accurate representation of what I feel, to me.

I hope you feel something too.

"Wake" Oil on Canvas by Tara Glenny

Words by Tara Glenny

First + Second Photo by Tara Glenny

Final Photo by Lu Gerdemann


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